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Monday, December 31, 2007


T1 Low-V Sweater
Price: $18

T2 Tube w/ Belt

Price: $24

T3 Brown Off-Shoulder

PRICE: $15

T4/5 Yellow/ White Halter

$10 Each

T6 2 piece top

Price: $24

T7 Lacy Top $15

T8 Grey Tunic $16

T9 Black Babydoll Top $24

T 10 Sexy Low-cut Halter

T11 Stripy Spag $18

T12 Sexy Lacy Spag $18

T13 Low-cut spag with Ribbon behind


T14 Ralph Lauren Spag

T15 Mng Spag


T16 Sexy Lacy JOOP Low-cut spag


T17 EDC Spag/Tube


T18 Pink Spag $15

T19 Tank top $10

T20 Tank top from A/T exchange


T21 Bum Equip. Tank


T22 Black Sexy spag


T23 AnnA Sui Tank


T24 Brand new White Corset

T25 Tube From BYSI


T26 Detailed Rasor


T27 2 Piece top


T28 Gorgeous BLack Halter


T29 T-shirt Imported from HK

T30 T-shirt $12

T31 T-shirt $12

T32 T-shirt $12

T33 T-shirt $12

T34/35 White/Black Giordano Polo Tee
$12 Each

T36 Puff Sleeve $15

T37 / T38/ T39/ T40

Purplr/Yellow/ Blue/ Pink Top

$12 Each

T41 White Top


T42 Green Top $15


P1 Fake 2-piece top
Price: $6

P2 Yellow Halter

Price: $8

P3 BUM Equipment Flowery Top
Back Ribbon (enlarge picture to view)

Price: $10

P4 White Turtle-Neck
Price: $10

P5 Black Deep-V Top

Price: $12

P6/P7 Pink/ Green Lacy top (From SENSE)
Price: $6 each

P8 Pink Tube/ Halter
Price: $12

P9 Sexy V-Black Lace Top
Price: $12

P10 White Off-Shoulder Cotton top
Price: $14

Victorian Formal Top
Price: $ 15

Gothic Top/ Dress

Price: $12

Authentic Adidas T-shirt
Price: $ 12

dress me up in glamour,baby/ 8:22 PM


S1 $25

S2 $25

S3 $25

S4 Authentic RipCurl white handbag

Length of strap is adjustable

Price: $20

S5 Brown Large Bag

Able to fit bigger than A4 document

Price: $20

S6 Zinc Brown clutch

Price: $10

S7 Authentic Bilabong Handbag

Price: $10

S7 Gold clutch with removable sling strap

Price: $15

S8 Non-Authentic Puma Bag

Price: $18

S9 Straw Bag

Price: $15

S10 Silver Big Bag

Price: $15

S11 Authentic Esprit Sling bag

Price: $25

S12 Authentic Elle Paris Clutch

Strap is removable

Retail price @ $99

Selling here at: $50

S13 Green Leather Bag

Price: $25

dress me up in glamour,baby/ 8:19 PM


Items here are either BN or used once only

NO Swopping allowed

Prices are negiotiable only if stated

Sales of items come in a first come first serve basis

Items sold are not exchangable or refundable

Please transfer the money upon confirmation

No backing out after confirmation

Reservation of items only for 2days


Contact me at my royal mail:


if there is any quries


Payment mode

IB or ATM transfer to:

POSB Saving 030-32103-0

For UOB TRansfer contact me through mail first

Delivery of items

1. By Postage

I wont be resposible for any lost mail

Top up $1-$1.50 for postage and another $2.20 for registered mail

Free Postage for purchase of more than 2 items

2. Meet-up

Only at my convenience.


November 2007
December 2007